Statement from Trefelin BGC Veterans

As a club and a team we have regrettably made the decision to withdraw from all competitions that fall under the Welsh Veteran Over 40s umbrella.

This is due to the amendment of FAW rule 62, which is basically a one club rule.

As a bunch of mates who have competed in this league for the previous 4 seasons, we have not taken this lightly in any way. Due to a few players playing at Tier 3 and above, which means they cannot register for our veterans team, we feel that we would like to stick together on this decision and withdraw our entry.

We feel this new ruling, which was amended in June 2021 but we were only informed in August, is denying people the chance to play football, and having a detrimental effect on men’s mental health, stopping players remaining  healthy and active!

We hope this situation can be resolved without too much disruption.

  • Trefelin BGC Over 40’s