Q&A With Junior Coach Ross Millon

Next up in our series of articles talking to the volunteers who help the club, we’re talking to Ross Millon. Along with being a Junior Manager, Ross also holds the role of Fixture Secretary for the Junior and Mini sections at Trefelin BGC.

Ross, you’re a junior manager at the club, what age group do you coach? Are there other coaches involved?

I coach the Under 10’s team at Trefelin along with Dan Willeyo and Sam Nolan.

How are you coping in lockdown?

Funnily enough, apart from the obvious frustrations around socialising and no sport, I’m actually enjoying more family time. The lack of activities with the kids meaning we have more time for simple things like sharing a meal around the table together as a family and enjoying walks in the local area.

As well as coaching I understand you are also Junior Fixture Secretary for Trefelin BGC, what does that involve? Can you give us an idea of what you do during a typical week in the season in terms of junior fixtures?

My role as Junior Fixture secretary at the club involves organising home fixtures for all minis and junior teams at the club, liaising with other clubs, the league and referees where required. It can be hard work at times, especially during the seasons where the weather impacts many games. Still, we do have a great set of junior and mini managers who support me in the role when possible.

Did you play football before coaching, if so, who did you play for, what position did you play?

I played for Baglan in junior football, followed by Goytre Youth team and seniors, and finished my career at Bay View. I played centre midfield the majority of the time.

Can you give parents not involved in the club and idea of the Junior set up at Trefelin BGC?

I started off with Afan Lido FC for 2 years then decided to move to Trefelin BGC, its been great from the start. We have been here as a team for nearly 4 years and always feel we have the committee’s support. You can see there is a plan at the club for both Junior and Senior football which is great to be part of.

Why did you decide to get involved in coaching?

The same as lots of people, my eldest son wanted to try football, and there was no one to coach his age group so it was a case of if I don’t do it no one will, I think I secretly wanted to coach since my playing days ended anyway!

How were the team looking before lockdown?

The team was really starting to click. After a few years together they have become a really tight group, and with Daniel and Sam we felt they were starting to develop not only as players but as a team.

What’s your favourite part of coaching?

It’s seeing the kids develop as people and bonding both with the teammates and kids from other clubs. Sport has an ability to create friends for life from a very young age, and its amazing to be part of that.

Do you have any coaching philosophies?

We concentrate on teaching the basics of the game really well at this stage of the players’ development and creating good habits such as passing the ball at speed and with purpose.

Best footballing moment?

Winning the treble when I was playing for Baglan under 14s and was captain. Although it was a while ago, I always remember it.

Who do you support and why?

Chelsea since the money come there 2003 😂

Favourite Football Manager/Coach?

Jose Mourinio 2005-2007

Best All-time XI

Ashley Cole
Garry Neville
Luis Suarez

Any advice for people looking to get involved in coaching?

Give it a go, although its hard work it is very rewarding.

What are your hopes for the future of your team?

I am just looking forward to getting the team back playing again and see them enjoying themselves.

How do you think the kids are coping without football?

To be honest, kids don’t show much, but I think you can see some effects and they are definitely missing their mates. We have spoken to the team and the parents a few times and its a case of football will be back so use this as an opportunity for a break and to try new things. When training starts again, there will be plenty of time for hard work!!!

Favourite food?

Fillet Steak

Favourite Drink?

Lager/Vodka & Red Bull

Ideal night out?

Out watching a band

Where are looking forward to going to most when lockdown ends?

Holidays mostly, but the simple things like going out for a meal will be great.

Other sports played/watched?

I played rugby for a while when I was younger, but at 16 I realised I could get hurt as everyone was massive so I knocked it on the head 😂

Funniest moment as a coach?

I fell over a kids goal at a football festival with a burger in hand when everyone was watching, the kids still remind me now!!!!

Thanks, Ross. What a great insight into the work that goes into the role you, Dan and Sam play in the club, and as always the club, players and parents are grateful for your efforts. We were all wondering who the coach was who took a tumble at that tournament a few years ago, so thanks for clearing that up. I am not sure you will ever live it down. I am sure the players will still be reminding you of it in 10 years 😂.

More articles are planned over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes out on our social media pages for details.

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